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Donga Able Co., Ltd. is with your daily life.

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Leading company of
global leaders

Leading company that will design a brighter future and a better future with change, innovation, and challenge

Thank you for business.

We are doing our best to realize our dream of the future with corporate spirit as a global leader in designing a brighter future and a more progressive future with change, innovation, and challenge.

Donga Tech started with a shipbuilding equipment business in the Business Incubation Center at Changwon National University. We gradually increased the stability of business through corporate incubation at business incubation center by overcoming the difficulty of startup started with youth and get-up-and-go of a startup. Furthermore, we are carrying out more innovative and progressive projects through governmental projects of government agencies such as Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development, Ministry of SMEs and Startups, the Techno Park, and Center for Creative Economy and Innovation. In addition, we are expanding our business into services and distribution areas as we enter into the construction and civil engineering business beyond the machinery and shipbuilding fields.

To be a good company with a humble attitude that is always faithful to the principles and basics.

CEO   Jeong-myeong Lee