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Lifeline Introduce

What is the meaning of life line?

This means a new concept of safety induction sign method
that has been used in the National Emergency Management
Agency (NEMA) and fire departments since 2004.

Background of establishment
It has been proved that evacuation direction can not be induced by smoke and power outage in case of fire only with induction facilities (guidance lamp, illumination light, etc.) in various large fire accidents such as Daegu Subway Fire Accident (February 28, 2003).

In recent years, large buildings with multiple functions in small area have been constructed in connection with subway and underground shopping malls, and safety escaping using fire fighting safety induction facilities alone according to the existing Fire Services Act is insufficient and causes many people to be injured in the event of a fire.

Currently, it is demanded to install a new life line in preparation for various terrorist threats and disasters.

Since the lifeline concept in the US 911terror has been applied to the World Trade Center and more than 10,000 people have quickly escaped through the stairs, it is spreading globally such as the US Department of Defense, Japan's Yokohama Subway, and Shanghai Trade Center.

Currently, the materials of life line are plastic or PVC materials and are not fire-retardant materials.

Therefore, Donga Able Co., Ltd. has developed a luminescent stone signboard that is strong against fire and has a life line formed with luminescence.

Because it is stone, it is strong against fire, does not need electric power, is easy to construct, has long durability and has excellent urban landscape.
Product features
  • Holding patented
    Fluorescence inserted stone, methods, and precipitation sculpting technology
  • Evacuation guidance
    auxiliary products
    Add fluorescent material
    to stone and attach to floor or wall. Evacuation aids in an emergency
    or disaster
  • Day and
    night use
    Fluorescent signboard
    that can be used in daytime or nighttime
  • Capable of being
    displayed on stone
    Fluorescent signboard capable
    of being displayed on stone